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Under My Skin is a Forum directed at animal Role Players. It is a play on words to indicate that we all wish we could shed our skins at some point in time and become something completely different.
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 my new creature mia

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my new creature mia Empty
Postmy new creature mia

name: mia
gender: female
strength: swimming and running
weakness: sitting still
base color: golden brown
markings: black spots on her pelt
eyecolor: startling blue
personality: perfers to follow others lead, but hates being pushed around. is playfull, and likes to sun herself.
other: has supieior strength like a tiger, and is fast as a cheeta and can climb like a mountain goat. her feet have adapted to be toe like so as to grip rocks better. she has better controll of her tail so she can grab things with it.
species: lynx
pic: i am using my profile pick though it is not entirely accurate.
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my new creature mia :: Comments

Re: my new creature mia
Post on Sat Nov 17, 2012 2:45 am  Fenris

my new creature mia

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