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Under My Skin is a Forum directed at animal Role Players. It is a play on words to indicate that we all wish we could shed our skins at some point in time and become something completely different.
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 Misty, a blind she-wolf

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luner wolf

luner wolf

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Misty, a blind she-wolf  Empty
PostMisty, a blind she-wolf

Name: Misty, nickname: mist
Gender: female
Strength(s): hearing(has become senstive to make up for lost of sight), touch(her hairs are senstive to little movements in the air)
Weakness(es): hunting(due to being blind)
Base color a.k.a. Pelt color: varies depending on her surroundings and how long she been there, most of the time a grayish color
Markings: has a yin-yang symbol on chest
Eye Color: silver, milky film on top due to being blind
Personality: Misty is a mild she-wolf most of the time, she grows attached to things very seldom but when she does she will protect it with her life. Most underestmate her but they shouldnt, she may be blind but it doesnt mean shes weak.
Other:Misty was born blind, she was born in captivity and later escaped, but thats another story to tell. She has lived since on her own. She never knew why they kept her in the cages, she wasnt much different then others eccept she was blind and had a symbol on her chest. Anyways she's a strong little she-wolf and wants a new start at life, hopefuly in the wild where she belongs.
Species: wolf
Picture: none
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Re: Misty, a blind she-wolf
Post on Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:42 pm  Fenris

Misty, a blind she-wolf

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