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Under My Skin is a Forum directed at animal Role Players. It is a play on words to indicate that we all wish we could shed our skins at some point in time and become something completely different.
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 Fenris: My first Creature

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PostFenris: My first Creature

Name: Fenris
Gender: Male
Strengths: Agility and Cleverness (can think and act to get out of sticky situations without causing harm to himself)
Weakness: His immense curiosity for things unknown to him.
Base Color: Black
Markings: One thin red line that curves along his side, Red spots on the skin flaps on his back (a.k.a. fins) that get more noticable towards the crown of his head.
Eye color: Darkest of blacks
Personality: Fenris is a bit strange for his species, instead of being more cautious trouble sometimes finds him due to his overly active curiosity. Some also consider the strange being cute which is almost unheard of for his species but he has a way about himself. He however is level headed when bad situations arise and is very clever in finding an escape route or someway out of the sticky situation. This curiousness has made him an undesirable mate for many years due to his seeming "lack" of caring. But it doesn't stop him from being a big show off when a female is present.
Fenris' species can easily climb due to their three pronged feet that secrete a substance when needed to allow him to even hang from a ceiling if he wished to do so without hurting the creature in the slightest. His skin is thick and feels like that of a sharks however is somehow smooth at the same time. The male's fins are the most important part of his physique seeing as they are what "impress" a female into courting. When a female in heat is near by the male displays these fins and his markings begin to glow and start to mimic the beating of his own heart, this tactic is also sometimes used to scare off predators and other potential mates. His vocals consist of over a thousand different variables most of which cannot be heard by "Ancients". And when he needs to take to running his fins lay flat along his body while it stretches outward giving him a more aerodynamic body so allow him to reach speeds that have yet to be calculated because once they get to going, they're gone quickly. He has one defense in case speed cannot keep him from a certain danger and that's a neural toxin in his saliva that can be transmitted through bite, but the creatures preferred way is through a quick slice of their long tongues.
Fenris: My first Creature Fenriscreature
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Fenris: My first Creature

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